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    Games and game prototypes done in class and game jams.

    Elecforce | Unity | PC | Global Game Jam

    Tech-artist | Team of 8

    Finish Time: Jan 28th, 2018

    This is a multiplayer arena fighting game made for Global Game Jam 2018, under theme Transaction. Four player fight in the arena for energy and try to survive to the end.


    Deliriant | Unreal | PS4

    Tech-artist | Designer | Team of 12

    Expected finish Time: Apr 25, 2017

    Set in a realistic 3D vision of the 1970s, DELIRIANT allows players to have a non-linear exploration narrative experience in which the environment evolves as a character and drives the story through player interaction.


    Flower Dance​ | Unreal | PC | Global Game Jam

    Tech-artist | Designer | Team of 4

    Finish Time: Jan 22, 2017

    A multiplayer competitive game which the players act as butterflies to go for one flower, and interfere each other with their wings making wind waves. The one who get the honey on the flower wins.


    Sassy Fox | Unreal | PC | Epic Game Jam

    Tech-artist | Designer | Team of 5

    Finish Time: Oct 13rd, 2016

    Return five golden eggs to your base before the chickens get you!

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    Boogie Boogie | Unity | Mobile | VR

    Tech-artist | Designer | Team of 6

    Finish Time: Mar 8, 2017

    Iterated from Odori Fest Finished in Apr 26, 2016. Dance with the VR girl!

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    Tech-Artist | Designer | Team of 8

    Finish Time: Dec 12th, 2015

    A third-person shooter game. You are an ethical hacker hunting bugs in programs. You enforce justice in the cyber world. Be careful with your power -- abuse will cause a domino effect and more bugs.

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    Never Wither | Unity | PC | Game4Health Finalist

    Technical Artist | Narrative Designer | Team of 7

    Participating Game4Health competition

    Never wither is a narrative game talking about color blindness, telling a story of a 10-year-old boy Timmy, who is suffering from color blindness caused by a car accident, went through the pain after he discovered his color blindness in the 5 stages of grief.

    Lead artist of 2 | Designer |Team of 6

    Finish Time: Oct 16th, 2015

    Swift is game based on high­speed obstacle avoidance. Inspired by the gameplay of Zaxxon, Swift features an emphasis on using speed strategically to avoid geometric obstacles.

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    tiMedusa | Unity | PC

    Lead Tech-Artist | Designer | Team of 10

    Finish Time: Jan 19th, 2016

    In this game, you play as Medusa, whose broken medallion has her stuck in a time loop.

    You must collect all the broken pieces to break the loop—but beware! If you encounter yourself in a prior loop, you’ll turn to stone!

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    YoVenture | PyGame | PC

    Co-engineer of 3 | Designer | Team of 7

    Finish Time: Sep 17th, 2015

    YoVenture is a 2D action platformer where you use a yo-yo not only for combat, but also as a tool to interact with the environment. Inspired by the history of the yo-yo in Ancient China, you play as Gogo, a girl on a mission to take down a fire yo-yo breathing dragon.

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    GameJam-Happy Planet | HTML5 | Mobile

    Designer | Co-artist of 3 | Team of 8

    Finish Time: Oct 2 - 3rd, 2015

    Interact with objects to improve the environment. Teach your kids about what is good for the planet and how they can do their part in reducing greenhouse emissions and general waste. Look for green alternatives to current methods! 

    The Modus Game | Unity | Mobile

    Lead artist | Designer | Team of 6

    Finish Time: Nov 12th, 2015

    A first-person puzzle game in the form of escape room. The player uses their mobile device to look and move around a room to examine and pick up objects in search for clues, and use the clues to solve puzzles in order to find the key to the next rooms. Also he needs to find out the evidence for the crime of the house owner.

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    EcoLand (Serious Game) | Unity | PC

    Lead artist | Designer | Team of 6

    Finish Time: Oct 29th, 2015

    This is a real-time strategy/management simulation game in which the player manages the balance of industry and the ecosystem. The goal is to wisely invest in resources to maintain animal population and plant life while keeping up with the meat supply demands of the industry over the course of one year.

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